Do You Know How to Use “Literally”?

Do You Know How to Use “Literally”?

Source: I Love Charts: The Book by Jason Oberholtzer and Cody Westphal; Sourcebooks (May 1, 2012).

Creating Motion Graphics on a Budget: 5 Tips From The Wilderness

When they hear “video” or “motion graphic,” most people tend to think one of three things: difficult, expensive… or both. That doesn’t have to be the case. According to experimental production company The Wilderness, motion graphics just require a little bit of inspiration and a lot of process. The same can be applied to... keep reading

16 Memorial Day Infographics to Honor Our Veterans

Memorial Day is an American holiday for remembering and honoring war veterans who died during military service. Memorial Day was initially called Decoration Day, celebrated for the first time following the American Civil War. To help remember soldiers around the world who died for their countries, we’ve compiled a list of 16 infographics about... keep reading