12 Infographics About Running to Motivate You Into Shape

12 Infographics About Running to Motivate You Into Shape

There are plenty of national days and even months these days, during which we celebrate all kinds of things — not very many of them encouraging healthy living or exercise. (Case in point: June is National Candy Month, and June 16 is Fudge Day. Enjoy.)

Then there’s National Running Day, held on the first Wednesday in June and celebrated by simply lacing up and going for a run. In 2013, National Running Day is on June 5, and to encourage you to join in the festivities, we thought we’d offer up some visual motivation. Check out these 12 infographics about running, get hyped up, and run!

1. Running outside may be free, but unless you want to get injured, you’ll need to pony up for the right pair of running shoes. And no, that doesn’t mean your favorite color or the coolest brand of the moment.... keep reading

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