Visualizing Our Water World: 20 Infographics About the Oceans

Visualizing Our Water World: 20 Infographics About the Oceans

We live in a water world: 70% of our planet’s surface is covered in water and the majority of it is oceans.

Oceans are fantastic places full of unexplored depths with undiscovered life. Giant monsters of the deep are fabled to live below, fair mermaids draw sailors in, and forgotten undersea cities delight the imaginations of children. But what is really down there?

We may only know a fraction of what there is to know about the oceans, but that is mostly because there is just so much to know! The 20 infographics that follow will hopefully help you learn something new.

The depths of the ocean are an especially intriguing topic. Deep water causes intense pressure, keeping out all but the most determined engineers. For the rest of us, here are six infographics that deal with the immense depths.

1. Lakes and Oceans

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