Visualizing Euro 2012: Who Are The Players?

Visualizing Euro 2012: Who Are The Players?

Baseball and football, with their large sample sizes of repetitious and sometimes exhilarating events, are tailor-made for statistical analysis.

Soccer? It has none of that. One ball, two goals, and 22 players on the field are the only things that are the same from match to match. Sometimes even the field sizes vary. It’s tough to make an interesting graphic out of unrepetitive chaos.

So, how to visualize Euro 2012? One solution: look at everything besides the action on the field. Luckily, this year’s edition of the European championship is rife with player-related storylines. There are future “all-time greats” in Cristiano Ronaldo, lovable aging vets Andriy Schevchenko and Giorgos Karagounis (easily the most dramatic, impassioned player at the tournament). There are also young, feisty, and incredibly talented up-and comers (pretty much all of Germany’s team).

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