Travel Savings, With the Help of Data Visualization

Travel Savings, With the Help of Data Visualization

Data doesn’t take a vacation but, with its help, you can.

Travel prices fluctuate depending on destination, day of week and time of year. Summer can be especially hectic as it’s a busy travel season and prices follow that demand. Fortunately, if you have flexible travel dates, you can use travel data to save money across the board — and the world.

Sarah Schlichter, editor of, suggests avoiding some travel times, such as July 4, entirely. Prices are high and crowds are heavy. But, fortunately for those who must fly on the always-popular summer travel holiday, this year it falls on a Wednesday, meaning that prices are less severe than when it’s on a Friday, Monday, or the weekend.

Data shows that even for those who do travel for the Fourth of July holiday, there are better days to do so to maneuver cheaper prices. Using five... keep reading

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