How did it get there?

How did it get there?

When you drop things, they always go much further than you expect them to.
Romy Misra is the Director of Analytics at and drops an average of 9 things a day.

Celebrate Independence With These 17 Infographics About Bicycling

For many, bicycles represent freedom. They are relatively simple and cheap to maintain, they make travel simple, and they are incredibly fun to ride. Through the use of some simple machinery, they increase our travel efficiency — compared to that of walking — threefold. One of the biggest advantages of biking is the fuel... keep reading

Travel Savings, With the Help of Data Visualization

Data doesn’t take a vacation but, with its help, you can. Travel prices fluctuate depending on destination, day of week and time of year. Summer can be especially hectic as it’s a busy travel season and prices follow that demand. Fortunately, if you have flexible travel dates, you can use travel data to save... keep reading