Why Do You Buy Them?

Why Do You Buy Them?

Romy Misra is the Director of Analytics at Visual.ly. Sometimes, she sits on an exercise ball during conference calls.

HÜB: A Space for Visualization

Much of the time, visualization consumption is a solitary activity taking place on the private screens of laptops and smartphones. But sometimes it is good to view visualizations in a social setting. One of the most important factors in enabling this is the venue. Imagine looking for a table where you are not bothering... keep reading

The Seasons According to San Francisco

Growing up in the Midwest, I experienced something that those born and living in sunny California have not: seasons. A Midwestern July, for example, is incredibly hot and sticky, approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humid. During summer, tall grey clouds frequently appear, pouring buckets of water and shooting spears of fire at houses. In... keep reading