The Rising of Olympic Mountains

The Rising of Olympic Mountains

The Olympic games are inspired partly by Mt. Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece. The origins of the games lie in competitions between the Greek Gods who lived on Mt. Olympus, and in order to pay tribute to their gods, Greeks participated in their own games. Today, shadows of that metaphor still exist in Christian Gross’s interactive, The Rising of Olympic Mountains. Here’s what he told us about creating the interactive.

The current challenge at for creating interactive visualizations around the Olympic Summer Games was a good possibility to try out the new development skills I got while interning at the user experience and data visualization studio Interactive Things in Zurich.

I was inspired by Mount Olympus, and wanted to do something related to the number of gold medals won by each country, along with a break down for each sport.

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Can Big Data Help Win Olympic Gold?

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The Olympics

With the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, we’ve seen a huge influx of visualizations focused on the Olympic Games. Along with a blog post featuring some Olympic Infographics, we’ve decided to create a category especially for Olympics visualizations. Browse more Olympics infographics. With a truly international team here at, we... keep reading