Chalk Charts: Why did you buy your iPad?

Chalk Charts: Why did you buy your iPad?

Romy Misra is the Director of Analytics at and convinced herself she needed an iPad. You can follow her on twitter @romymisra.

In the Middle of Shark Week, 27 Bites of Shark Data

Sharks are fascinating animals. They are as old as dinosaurs, they are top predators in the water, they come in strange shapes and sizes, they have magnetic sensors, they have rows and rows of teeth. And they have a little piece of the calendar to call their own – Shark Week, which happens to... keep reading

Winners of The Olympics

When opened the Olympics category, we announced our own version of the Olympic games, for infographics and data visualizations. Now that the olympics are over, let’s take a look at the winners. Each graphic submitted in the Olympics category competed for a medal in the following categories: Storytelling Data wrangling Aesthetics All-Around Interactivity... keep reading