NYC Best for Business Infographic Contest 2012

NYC Best for Business Infographic Contest 2012

If you’re a designer in the US, you don’t want to miss this one: The New York City Economic Development Corporation is running a contest to become the City’s top infographic designer.

Why is NYC the best city in the world for business? Enter your design into New York City Economic Development Corporation’s competition for the most creative and innovative infographic that illuminates why NYC is the best. The winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize, a poster-size print of his or her work signed by Mayor Bloomberg, and bragging rights as the City’s top infographic designer.

Top applicants will be selected as semifinalists and the winner will be chosen by public voting. Infographics must incorporate the NYCEDC Dataset to be eligible. Submissions are due September 21, 2012—coming up soon! To enter the competition and see more details, go to

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