Improve Your Eating Habits With 5 Infographics on Nutrition

Improve Your Eating Habits With 5 Infographics on Nutrition

So maybe you over-indulged on barbecue or couldn’t resist the cupcakes this holiday weekend — and with the end of summer, the scary prospect of jiggling around the beach in your swimsuit no longer taunts you. That doesn’t mean you should shelve your healthy eating habits and forget about them until next Memorial Day!

To rekindle your interest in healthy eating (we know those brochures at your doctor’s office can be boring), here are five infographics on nutrition.

1. Your health and the food you and your family eat are worth investing in year-round. And you can definitely learn to balance frugality with quality and conscientious choices. They aren’t mutually exclusive. This infographic depicts the evolution of the American diet and how recommendations have changed over the years.

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