Eight Different Takes on Presidential Election Maps

Eight Different Takes on Presidential Election Maps

As the 2012 US Presidential election heats up, the array of maps for analyzing likely outcomes is increasing. Different data, different interactivity, and different visualizations all give each map a slightly different angle. Here are eight different interactive election maps, and a little about what they did wrong and what they did right.

Before we jump into each map, though, a refresher on the electoral college might be helpful. Rather than a direct election scheme using pure popular vote, the electoral college system uses electors designated to each state who cast the official votes for president (270 electoral votes to win). These electors pledge to vote for specific candidates, however they are not legally bound to vote the way they pledge. For 48 states, the electors are an “all or nothing” arrangement. So if the popular vote for the state swings one way, all electors vote that direction. For Maine and... keep reading

I Suck at Drawing: Skipping Storyboards in Motion Graphic Design

Jonathan Reyes is a motion graphic designer whose work on The Economy of Coca-Cola earned him a nomination for a 2012 Emmy in the News & Documentary category. Here’s a bit about his design process: As a designer, I have always thought that there was something broken about my process. That somehow, throughout all... keep reading

Analysis vs. Promotion vs. Story: A Tale of Three Audiences

The world of visualization has a few different camps of thought, which can be roughly grouped as follows: Those who condone best practices at all cost. Those who are driven by paying clients. Those who just want to inform effectively. To say that everyone in these three groups gets along perfectly would be a... keep reading