Zombie Apocalypse? 19 Infographics to Help You Survive

Zombie Apocalypse? 19 Infographics to Help You Survive

October is a month for spooks. Trees lose their leaves and look creepy. Pumpkins ripen and are carved into glowing-grin monsters. Dead people become undead.

Zombies capture the imagination because of their apocalyptic potential. In addition to the world being swept by a virus killing everyone we know and hold dear, and destroying civilization due to massive fatalities, those dead people turn into ravenous flesh-eating undead monsters. What better time to learn more about zombies than now? Here are 19 infographics about them.

1. Let’s start with the basics. These Zombie Venn Diagrams cover some of the simplest information about zombies.

2. As fictional creatures, zombies were first seen in folklore, then made their way into popular culture through books and movies. The Evolution of the... keep reading

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