Introducing the Visually Marketplace

Introducing the Visually Marketplace

Making infographics is hard. We want to make it easy. That’s why we’re taking our community to the next level today with the beta launch of Visually Marketplace. Marketplace creates a one-stop shop for data visualization projects by bringing together marketing gurus, data nerds and design junkies.

If one of those descriptions applies to you, then we think you’ll find Marketplace of interest. Marketplace can automatically match designers with projects from infographic commissioners. We’re starting with designers but we hope to soon branch out and include additional creative resources like data analysts, researchers and journalists.

It is the perfect place to flex your creative chops and get paid for doing it. Any Visually designer can apply to become a certified designer and be offered work through the Visually Marketplace.

There’s some serious technology behind the Marketplace, too. Besides its auto matching algorithm (based... keep reading

Reporting From VisWeek 2012: Best Practices in BioVis

Visualization is rapidly becoming a tool used in a wide range of disciplines. Biology and Bioinformatics have recently seen an explosion of visualization applications, but many have been designed by researchers without any expertise in visualization. This results in many visualizations that aren’t as efficient as possible, or even misleading to the people using... keep reading

Winner of the NYC Best for Business Infographic Competition

The people have spoken: Congratulations to Sara Matiz, winner of the first NYC Best for Business Infographic Competition! by NYCEDC.Browse more data visualization. For her winning efforts, Sara will receive $1,000, as well as a full-size print of her infographic design signed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The winning design will also be used by... keep reading