The Case for Designing – and Writing – by Hand

The Case for Designing – and Writing – by Hand

Programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator prompt us to be perfect. They bring mathematics to bear on our inexact lines, make perfect circles out of our warbly loops, and create the exact #xxxxxx for our pixelated palettes’ desire.

While technology definitely plays a big role in the data visualization world, it also comes at times at a loss of variation: the unique stories that only our own hands can tell. As designers (and journalists), we’ve become afraid of the paper and pen.

But there are good reasons to be brave.

Last week, Pratt-educated street typographer Pablo A. Medina gave a lecture at New York’s Type Directors Club. Medina has made a career out of designing fonts to reflect those of handmade signs. His fonts — Cuba, Vitrina, North Bergen — are as irregular as the signs from which they hail.

Certainly,... keep reading

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The PEJ and Economist Infographic Challenge

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