3D’s Best Chance in Visualization

3D’s Best Chance in Visualization

For charts, visualization is best done in 2D. Introducing 3D into a standard chart often causes problems of area distortion, occlusion, or parallax.

There are instances where 3D is necessary, though. Architects and engineers designing buildings and parts need 3D digital environments to help create their work. Some data (weather, medical, space) also has a strong 3D spatial component and looking at the data represented in 3D can be one of the best ways to do it.

One of the problems with current implementations of 3D environments for people that have to work in them is the lack of good 3D displays and interfaces.

Luckily, this is changing. One of the demo tables at VisWeek was by Z Space, a 3D display and interaction system. I sat down at the demo table skeptical, but excited at the possibilities.

Just looking at the screen normally produces... keep reading

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