The 5 Key Ingredients of Great Infographics

The 5 Key Ingredients of Great Infographics

Everyone wants a great infographic.

Generic as it sounds, it’s overwhelmingly true. Commissioners — the companies that hire designers or design firms to create infographics — want great results, whether it’s social media sharing, coverage by large websites and media or even achieving specific goal conversion rates. Designers want to work on and ultimately create a great piece that they are proud to include in their portfolio. And end users… well, they just like to look at great things that are beautiful, informative, original and shareable, ideally all at once.

So how do you make a great infographic?

In the past, we’ve talked about creating viral infographics and the role that story, data and design play there.

But viral doesn’t always equal “great” in a more conservative sense: a solid, informative, ethical piece that is beautifully designed and flawlessly executed. (Case in point: the keep reading

3D’s Best Chance in Visualization

For charts, visualization is best done in 2D. Introducing 3D into a standard chart often causes problems of area distortion, occlusion, or parallax. There are instances where 3D is necessary, though. Architects and engineers designing buildings and parts need 3D digital environments to help create their work. Some data (weather, medical, space) also has... keep reading

Visually Marketplace Designer Spotlight: Kyla Tom

Visually’s newly-launched Marketplace connects thousands of designers with clients seeking to commission infographics and data visualizations. In the following weeks, we will feature members of our designer community here, on the blog. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at   Name: Kyla Tom Age: 25 Has been designing infographics (among... keep reading