Got ‘Stache? 11 Movember Infographics Tackling the Hairy Issues

Got ‘Stache? 11 Movember Infographics Tackling the Hairy Issues

If you’ve noticed your male coworkers, friends, family and significant others’ faces getting hairier and hairier this month, it might be because of Movember: a period of lip hair cultivation. These face farms are dedicated to the worthy cause of raising awareness of men’s health. In honor of dedicated men around the world reaching the halfway point today, here are 11 infographics about facial hair.

1. This motion graphic about Movember gives a good overview of the month and what it is about.

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2. And if you like your ‘staches stationary, there’s also a static infographic version.

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3. Movember has some parts that are Good, Bad(ass), and Ugly. Find out which are which.

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