Burn Off That Thanksgiving Feast: 17 Infographics to Inspire You to Exercise

Burn Off That Thanksgiving Feast: 17 Infographics to Inspire You to Exercise

Americans have a huge holiday coming up. What started as a time of thanks and graciousness has grown into a time of eating massive quantities of food, and we all know, Americans know how to eat. Since the eating isn’t a problem, maybe we can help people work off all those calories with some visual information — and inspiration — on exercise.

1. Perhaps knowing that a standard Thanksgiving meal translates to a Marathon Stroll would inspire you to hit the gym or go for a run on Thanksgiving morning?

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2. The average American is out of shape. The typical Thanksgiving meal certainly doesn’t help with that.

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3. One way to burn off those calories would be to Bike to Work... keep reading

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