Winners of the PEJ Economist Infographic Challenge

Winners of the PEJ Economist Infographic Challenge

With Visually’s help, The Economist Group and the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) put on an infographic challenge.

The judging was done based on five categories:

  • How creatively the data was used.
  • How easy the graphic is to understand.
  • How aesthetically pleasing the graphic is.
  • The designer’s adherence to visualization best practices.

There were a bunch of great submissions, and we’d like to heartily thank everyone who participated. Judging is finally done, so on to the winners!

Jen Lebeau and Amy Li are masters at combining crisp clean graphic design with visualizations that communicate clearly. Their submission does a great job of addressing issues in the data, and showing them clearly.

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