Powerball’s Peak Payout Potential

Powerball’s Peak Payout Potential

The drawing for Powerball is today, and the jackpot is at record high numbers. The Jackpot for the drawing today is nearly $500 million, with a cash payout of $327 million. With money like that at stake, buying a ticket is awfully tempting. But first, check out the actual chances at winning different levels of the lottery:

Edward Tufte examines other possible artworks in All Possible Photons

If one doesn’t recognize the initials in ET Modern gallery as belonging to the famed analytic designer and artist Edward Tufte, the artwork inside could be anything. With his abstract 3-D sculptures, the artist could have been expressing a deep-seated emotion or announcing to the world how he likes his eggs. But since they... keep reading

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Shopping Frenzy: Visualized

Through a credit crunch, recession, housing crisis and jobless recovery, Americans find it hard to stay away from the stores come Thanksgiving weekend. Beginning on Black Friday – the day when retailers offer their biggest discounts in hopes that the revenues bring them “in the black” – and wrapping up with the online sales... keep reading