America and Firearms: Split Over Ownership or United Over Safety?

America and Firearms: Split Over Ownership or United Over Safety?

The horrible tragedy of Newtown, Conn. has brought to the forefront the issue of gun ownership and regulation in the United States. Should the government act on restricting sales of firearms and do more extensive background (and medical record) checks on potential owners? What about educating owners on firearm safety? To gauge America’s stance on these contentious issues, Visually partnered with SurveyMonkey Audience. These are the results of the survey, visualized.

20 Great Interactive Visualizations of 2012

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Can Government Learn from Data Visualization?

Can better data visualization bolster government communications with the public, the press, and policymakers? The answer is “Yes,” but to ensure the results, government agencies need to improve both the way they use graphical displays in their written presentations and how their analysts present their work verbally to an audience. If communications of data,... keep reading