Visualizing a Year’s Worth of Time

Visualizing a Year’s Worth of Time

2013 is here, the world didn’t end, and as always, time marches onward. Time really doesn’t have any units that are inherent to it, but we break it up into chunks so that we can describe and measure it. We get the units we use to measure it from the periodicity of the daily and yearly cycles caused by our position relative to our sun.

Time is also not something we can see. We observe changes that happen as time passes, but we can never see time itself. This means that it’s a wonderful abstract concept that has led to some pretty cool visualizations.

The most common way of showing year-scale time is with the standard monthly calendar. XKCD put out this one that has a slight twist. It doesn’t show day of week, but it does size the dates based on how frequently the date... keep reading

Visually Marketplace Designer Spotlight: Mohit Lakhmani

Visually’s Marketplace connects thousands of designers with clients seeking to commission infographics and data visualizations. Every week, we feature a member of our designer community here, on the blog. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at Name: Mohit Lakhmani Age: 25 On Visually: mohitlakhmani In design: 4 years    ... keep reading

Hockey is Back!

The NHL owners and players finally agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement last Sunday, so fans no longer have to pretend to understand “make-whole conditions” or feign interest for discussions of “maximum contract lengths.” Instead, we can all get back to relishing good, old-fashioned fist fights – er, hockey – in a 48-game... keep reading