Dude, Where’s My Mars Rover?

Dude, Where’s My Mars Rover?

Newsbound is a media and software company on a mission to make complex topics understandable. They produce original explainers in their unique stack format and also work with clients to adapt research, reporting, and analysis into this form.

Still wondering how we sent an SUV-sized rover to Mars last year? And what it’s doing up there today? In our latest explainer, Newsbound tackles this subject — and the broader history of Mars exploration — in our unique stack format.

What’s the stack all about? It’s a design-rich, slide-based reading experience the Newsbound team has been developing and designing since last September. So far we’ve used it to break down thorny topics such as the federal budget debate, filibuster reform, drone warfare, etc. The format shares plenty of qualities with motion graphics, slideshows, infographics, and custom interactives — all mediums that we love and have inspired us.

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