The Power of Cartoon Faces: Telling Complex Stories Simply

The Power of Cartoon Faces: Telling Complex Stories Simply

Cartoon faces are everywhere, and they’re more powerful than we might realize. In studies of empathy, scientists have demonstrated that simplistic representations of complicated emotions – fear, sadness, surprise, disgust – may evoke the same emotional response in the viewer.

For a designer hoping to communicate an emotional idea, cartoons offer both distance and directness. They are removed from the flesh and blood of a human being, but as personifications they inspire a human response. And when a cartoon is used more than once, when it becomes a character, it gains even more power. Like a celebrity spokesman (but without the diva-ish demands and steep salaries), familiar cartoon faces inspire feelings of friendliness or fear, inspiration, even love.

The best graphic faces replace long, drawn out exposition. At a glance, we’re moved, shocked, amazed and persuaded. Here is a look at some... keep reading

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