Super Bowl XLVII Commercials: Analyzed, Visualized

Super Bowl XLVII Commercials: Analyzed, Visualized

The Super Bowl is all we talk about for weeks leading up to the big game. But once it’s over, the topic of conversation instantly shifts to the commercials.

Super Bowl commercials try to make us laugh, move us emotionally, or move us, well, not-so emotionally. They advertise everything, from soda to beer, to cars, to laundry detergent. But how often do they feature a woman wearing more than a bikini or a minority as the primary character?

This Super Bowl Sunday, we took on the tremendously important task of watching every single commercial aired during the game — except for movie ads and local spots — and taking studious notes about who they feature, what they’re selling and how they try to sell it. Below are the results, visualized.

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