Why Is The Sky Blue?

“Why is the sky blue?” is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions by inquiring minds — from five-year olds, to fifth-graders, to those fifty or older — and rightfully so! It’s a tough question to answer without some knowledge of physics, and that’s just what we’ve done here. This infographic does a good job breaking down the science of just exactly why the sky is blue.

Valentine’s Day Visualized

Valentine’s Day is on the calendar, which means romantic obligations and heightened expectations are in the air. So in the name of love — or lust, like, or whatever is enough for you — we decided to explore the truth behind all those symbols, from red roses and candy hearts, to romantic home-cooked or... keep reading

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue: 14 Infographics to Say I Love You

Valentine’s Day has a long history. There were actually several Saint Valentines. The two who are honored on February 14th were both martyrs in Rome, but it wasn’t until Geoffrey Chaucer that the day was associated with romance. Today, consumerism has taken advantage of the day, and companies everywhere use it as a part... keep reading