Why Are There Seasons?

Why Are There Seasons?

There are many misconceptions about why there are seasons. Most people believe it has something to do with the distance between the Sun and the Earth – it doesn’t. This infographic explains the science of what causes the different seasons and why we have them.

The Beautiful World of SciVis

In the academic world, data visualization is broken into three main categories: Information Visualization (InfoVis), Visual Analytics, and Scientific Visualization (SciVis). InfoVis deals with smaller datasets, typically demographic or financial data. Visual analytics involves a cycle of rapidly creating visualizations to answer and generate new questions about a dataset. Infographics are typically in the... keep reading

11 Infographics About Infographics

People who create infographics do their work partly because they believe infographics are a great way to communicate information. Since the people in this field also need to communicate information about their work, it was inevitable that infographics about infographics would eventually be created. Here are 11 of these meta infographics. Infographics are still... keep reading