Content Marketing and The Great Dress Debacle

Content Marketing and The Great Dress Debacle

Yesterday, a picture of a Gold and White and/or Black and Blue dress was posted on the Internet – and it’s still circulating. WIRED, Times, Yahoo, BuzzFeed, Reddit, ABC, Business Insider, … they’ve all joined in the conversation. So what’s going on here?

Lots of experts have weighed in to explain the phenomenon. Designers, neurologists, psychologists as well as health and vision professionals have spoken up, explaining that it’s just an optical illusion, albeit a very impressive one. Our eyes and brains can fool us depending on a lot of factors, some understood and some not.

There’s one thing we do understand, though, and it’s that this was a very successful marketing ploy, intentional or not. Search for “Gold and White or Black and Blue” and Google will return over 800 million results. Search in the news section and it will still return over 46 million, today. The... keep reading

“Ephemeral Marketing” Best Practices Learned From Snapchat

Brand marketing typically involves getting a campaign message to stick in clients’ minds and resonate for some time, but the new era of communications is far more fleet of foot (or of smartphone – you get the drift). Welcome to the Age of Ephemeral Marketing. No, this isn’t a plea to hire ghosts or... keep reading

The Science of Great Creative

On Wednesday, March 4 at 2pm PST, Visually and Percolate will co-present a webinar on how to use data to optimize your creative strategy. With the pace of media today, a successful marketing strategy requires an analytical approach driven by market research, audience data and performance metrics. Data doesn’t just inform sound decision-making, it... keep reading