Five Data Visualization Tools Focused on Design

Five Data Visualization Tools Focused on Design

The last few years have brought data visualization deeply into the world of design. It used to take highly technical designers or a team of developers and designers to create data visualizations that were both accurate and beautiful. Recently, several web-based data visualization tools have come out (thanks to D3.js) that lower that barrier to entry so that designers don’t need as many technical skills to be able to build their own beautiful data visualizations. Here are five of those tools, what they do, and how you should use them:

  • Datavisual

    Out of all of these tools, Datavisual is tailored most directly at solving the problems of information designers. It just left private beta and is open to the public now. Datavisual’s main features keep designers from having to perform repetitive formatting tasks, and gives them output formats that are easy to edit in other applications.... keep reading

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