How Content Marketing Measurement has Evolved

How Content Marketing Measurement has Evolved

As content marketing has become a vital strategy for brands and agencies, the need to measure the success of that content has grown as well.  An Aberdeen Group report revealed that the most effective content marketers are also those most likely to measure. The study split its sample of organizations using content marketing into two groups: ‘leaders’ – the top 35% most effective companies – and ‘followers’ – the bottom 65%. The link between content marketing success and content marketing measurement is far from a coincidence. Measurement is a must.

Using data and metrics to gauge marketing success is far from a new idea. However, it is a bit more involved when it comes to content marketing, which can include social media content, native advertising content, and custom-created visual content such as Infographics, Motion Graphics, and Micro-content. The key is to not only measure, but... keep reading

What LinkedIn’s Big Bet on Content Means for B2B Content Marketers

LinkedIn is making a billion-dollar bet on content. Though you may not be aiming to make a billion on your content, you can learn a few things from the focus of LinkedIn’s recently leaked strategy document. In the document, LinkedIn sets its sights on the $50 billion B2B marketing solutions segment by building the... keep reading

Lessons in Typography from the World’s Most Powerful Brands

The fonts you choose for both your logo and your content can say a lot about your brand. Because of this, big brands are extremely particular about their typography choices and smaller brands can learn a lot from studying their visual decision making. After looking at the corporate styling guides for many of the... keep reading