Introduction To Real-Time Content Marketing

Introduction To Real-Time Content Marketing

The marketing world has exploded with social content initiatives in the last few years, and when combined with the urgency and real-time expectations of audience and customers, and new marketing discipline has emerged, one that call “real time content marketing.” In the new world of real-time information-sharing, there are many new concepts that businesses must embrace in order to be successful in their Internet marketing efforts. At the root of this revolution are the following basic elements:

  • Seeking and finding behaviors
  • Real-time interaction and active participation
  • Consideration for both audiences and individuals
  • Social-network distribution
  • Instantaneous information-sharing, collaboration, and engagement
  • Content promotion

Real-time information-sharing demands a more finely tuned approach from marketers, one that includes a redefinition of the word publishing and also brings a business alive on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week basis.

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