5 New U.S. City Logos (And What They Mean)

We often think of the U.S. as a melting pot—a place that’s home to people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. But to really get an up-close look at the diversity that comprises this great land, there’s no better place to turn than its more than 35,000 cities and towns.

From a visual perspective, logos are among the best reflections of that uniqueness. They embody the landmarks, the history and the hometown pride that a community holds. Out of curiosity, we pulled together a list of nine cities whose logos recently received a makeover.

As you read, keep the qualities of a good logo in mind: A recent Inc. post identified three key features for business logos, and we suspect city logos should probably have them, too. That means a logo must be unique (i.e. not necessarily a literal reflection of the services or products a company provides),... keep reading

How to Easily Check Visualizations for Accuracy

It is difficult to tell if many visualizations have been created correctly. Without looking up original sources and essentially re-creating the visualization yourself, it is often impossible to know if the visualization accurately shows data, or the relationships that were in the original data. This makes the trust relationship between visualizer and viewer extremely... keep reading

6 Best Practices For Visual Content Marketing

Become storytellers: Modern marketing is less about selling and more about creating brand experiences fueled by brand storytelling. You only have about eight seconds to catch consumers’ attention. To make those seconds count, thoroughly investigate your customers. Some ways to do this: Start with exhaustive persona profiles to build buyer paths from high-level awareness... keep reading