5 Creative Ways Brands Can Leverage the Power of Pinterest

5 Creative Ways Brands Can Leverage the Power of Pinterest

Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann once compared his social sharing website to the bug collection he kept as a child. Lucky for him, today’s Internet users share his love of collecting things: as of June 2013, Pinterest had 70 million users, according to Paris-based social media research firm Semiocast, its latest $225 million funding round in October 2013 bumping its valuation up to a whopping $3.8 billion.

Businesses have a lot to gain from Pinterest (and social media in general): new customers, more engaged customers, sales. According to a June 2013 report by market intelligence firm Visioncritical, four in 10 social media users have purchased an item online or in store after “favoriting” or sharing it on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Nearly half — 47% — of Pinterest purchasers say they pinned and purchased something after simply stumbling across it on the... keep reading

The Future of Animation Design is Optimized for Mobile

Animation on the Web has had a long history of technology changes. It started with animated GIFs and blinking marquee tags. Then Flash came into the picture and dominated for years, owning both pre-rendered video and vector based animation. With the death of Flash and the rise of mobile, HTML5 video has moved into... keep reading

The Pros, Cons and Costs of the Top 10 Content Distribution Platforms

This article first appeared on the Content Strategist.   Creating high-quality branded content is very important, but when it comes to making sure your ad dollars are spent properly, understanding the best ways to get eyeballs on your content can be just as crucial to your success. As part of our Contently Labs series,... keep reading