Video Marketing Tactics for the B2B Marketer

When thinking about promoting an organization with online video, most people think about Businesses targeting consumers (the B2C approach), however, the amount of B2B marketing that’s going on today is completely bucking that trend (roughly 70% of B2B solutions market with video), and the way that content is being optimized is creating some interesting results. Why are B2B companies engaging in more video marketing? Well, as difficult as it may be to conceive, B2B businesses are staffed by (brace yourselves), people. And, like any customer after any other product or service, many of them feel overwhelmed when staring down a company white paper or brief. Summing up that message in a 60 to 180-second-long video can prove to be a powerful way to introduce people to your idea, while leaving the finer details up to those other mediums.

So how can you optimize your video content to raise awareness of your... keep reading

Building Your Audience On Feedly, Flipboard, And More

Marketing your brand across the myriad of popular social networks is like having a houseful of pets. They’re all wonderful but each personality requires slightly different care and feeding. Let’s take a look at some best practices for sharing content and building your audience across today’s most popular social media channels. Flipboard A relative... keep reading

5 New U.S. City Logos (And What They Mean)

We often think of the U.S. as a melting pot—a place that’s home to people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. But to really get an up-close look at the diversity that comprises this great land, there’s no better place to turn than its more than 35,000 cities and towns. From a... keep reading